The Fairytale Life Of A Young Girl Essay

The Fairytale Life Of A Young Girl Essay

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Being born to a teenage mother, everyone assumed I too would become a statistic. All through her school years, she struggled to fit in. She felt like an outsider willing to do just about anything to gain acceptance. The summer before her senior she found the acceptance she thought she was looking for. The acceptance she had found was in an older man that had known all the right words to say, and he knew exactly how to impress a young girl who was looking for prince charming. The fairytale life she thought she was going to have soon turned into a nightmare worse than she could have ever imagine.
After my mother found out she was going to have a baby she was terrified. She did not tell anyone except for her best friend that had been there for her throughout every bump in her life. She could tell her anything and that is why I got my name from her. After a few weeks into her pregnancy my father had left my mother all on her own, terrified and alone. The only one there for her was her best friend. Throughout her whole pregnancy she still managed to go to school, work at her job, and do ...

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