Fairy Tales Through The Ages Essay

Fairy Tales Through The Ages Essay

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Fairy Tales Through the Ages
People all over the world have enjoyed telling stories for as long as people could communicate. Fairy tales in particular have been told in many different variations (due to many stories being told orally instead of being written down). Some notable fairy tale authors include: the Grimm brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, and Walt Disney. The Grimm brothers helped to make the fairy tale world something everyone wanted to be a part of, however, his stories has dark and twisty endings, with something terrible happening to the main character in the end. Hans Christian Andersen sits in the middle of the spectrum. The stories that he wrote sometimes were dark and scary, but were also happy and had feel-good endings. Walt Disney would be the completely opposite of the Grimm brothers. His stories (and movies) always have the hero coming out on top in the end and make children want more Disney stories. With the times, these authors created stories that would be appealing to their audiences—making sure they would always be well known and popular with everyone.
The Grimm brothers started the fairy tale “craze” and their stories are still popular to this day. They helped shape current fairy tales and parts of their work are seen in various ways in other authors’ works. The Grimm brothers grew up in Germany to an administrative court officer and a lawyer. This helped them grow their interest in German folktales as they aged. After high school, they enrolled in the University of Marburg to study law and where they, “became interested in folklore, linguistics, and the history medieval Germany” (Diamond 1). Once the brothers had read up on folklore, they began to create their own dark stories. These stories were or...

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...es that came out almost one hundred years ago), and there is always a new Disney movie coming to theaters to go see.
In conclusion, throughout the years there have been many different changes to fairy tales. These changes have been made to better suit the audiences of the times. The Grimm brothers gave the kick-start to fairy tales, but had story lines that were mostly dark and upsetting to many people. Next, Hans Christian Andersen took the idea of what the Grimm brothers had with upsetting stories, but he also made stories with happy and feel-good endings. Walt Disney threw a major curve ball and created stories with all of the endings so the hero would come out on top and the viewers/readers would leave feeling happy as opposed to upset. Still today, all of these people are prevalent in the world of story telling and are not going to be forgotten any time soon.

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