Fairy Tales For Me Are A Way We Teach Ourselves And Others Life Lessons Essay examples

Fairy Tales For Me Are A Way We Teach Ourselves And Others Life Lessons Essay examples

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Fairy tales for me are a way we teach ourselves and others life lessons. If you go back to the origins of fairy tales you will come to realize that they were originally intended as scary stories that were told to children to persuade them to behave. The story of Rumpelstiltskin seemed to be no different . In the original story, The queen defeats him by calling him by his real name, thus telling children that evil does indeed have a name and therefore can be defeated. However in the retelling by Megan Engelhardt, Rumplestiltskin has been portrayed differently as well as the queen and her son.
Rumplestiltskin is portrayed as a very clever and deceitful man and it is unclear as to whether he is a good or evil character. It is made clear from the first sentence that he knew that the queen would not give him her son.Throughout the story, with the comments made to himself, and how cunning he plays those around him, this is obviously not the first time he has tried to pull off this con. Over and over Rumple boasts of how clever he is as if making sure that the reader is very well aware of the lengths he went to in order to gain his perfect end result. Although the story is told in the first person from Rumplestiltskin 's point of view it is obviously told more for the prideful aspect than the usual aspect of recording events, and he also clearly not the only moving piece in this con.
The queen was the point of contact and the origin for this con. In order to help her avoid death, he offers many times to magically spin straw into gold, thus by doing so making her indebted to him. After she runs out of items to trade she promises him her first born child. We then are left to wonder why she would choose to giver her baby away to a str...

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... different locations. For some the locations where important to the story. The cottage that Rumple so carefully cleaned was meant to be the place where the queen would earn her second chance while he sang loudly about his name. The castle would be important to the growing price, not just as a symbol of his power but because of the access it gave him to the “dark tomes” and ancient beings who would change his body and soul. I am unsure as to why this piece was written although it would seem to speak to those with a curious mind. It could almost be seen as a warning for those who find themselves overly curious that often times being too curious can lead to darker and dangerous roads. I do not see this being aimed at a younger audience because I believe that it would be hard for younger children to understand the significance of the prince 's change or of the reason why.

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