Fairy Tales And Their Purpose Essay

Fairy Tales And Their Purpose Essay

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Fairy Tales and Their Purpose
Fairy Tales are made of many different ideas. There is no exact author because there are many versions. The beauty about Tales is that anybody can make it their own. Because ones imagination is unique, many come up with ideas to slightly alter the tale to make it their very own. very always leave the readers thinking, and leaves the reader to interpret a moral. There are many different lessons an audience can take from just one tale. However, Different versions of “Snow White” are comparable to each other because they all show the positive and negative aspects of the expectations that society has on each gender.
“Little Snow White” is about a Queen who wishes to have a beautiful daughter. After making the wish, she had her very own daughter named Snow White. As She grew up, she became more and more beautiful. The queen quickly became jealous of her new step-daughter, and demanded to kill her. After failing three times, her nightmare continued as she married a prince(J. W. Grimm n.p)
In “Maria, the Wicked Stepmother, and the Seven Robbers” , Maria goes to school to learn how to sew and knit. Her teacher always seems to send greetings to her father, who 's wife had died. Maria’s teacher and father got married, which completely alters her attitude towards Maria. The new wife convinces Maria’s dad that they can not survive unless they get rid of her. The father agrees and goes off far into the woods, and abandons her. Feeling miserable, Maria finds a way to survive all alone, and her luck changes for the better(Gonzenbach n.p).
“The Crystal Casket” is about a young girl named Ermellina, who 's teacher marries her father. The new wife is unfair with Ermellina and makes her work until she is ex...

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...ther hand, the documentary illuminate men as powerful and able to overcome anything.Throughout magazines, men are shown with fierce facial expression. It also illustrated the men with six packs and big muscles. It shows that the women look up to the men looking for protection and guidance from them(Jhally n.p) . Just like the fairy tales, these advertisements show that for a woman, having a man is vital for their survival.
Joanne Gold and and Donna Canan, In “The English Journal,” stated “Oral folktales served as a disclosure about mores, values, and manners to socialize children into the social code of that time;” In other words, fairy tales were created to illustrate the expectations of values and manners society expected during that time. This proves that these tales influence not only females, but also male readers to behave the way the characters did.

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