Essay on Fair and Balance: The Education Cutbacks

Essay on Fair and Balance: The Education Cutbacks

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Writing Assignment 3 (Argument/Persuasion)
Anyone living within the Unites States today has come to realize that since 2008 we have all had to tighten our finical belts to survive, just as the Federal Govenment. Each one of us, from little households, to the big spenders on Wall State. It seems that every year, each state is faced with reducing the amount of money that it spends on education. Which seems odd to me, because if we as a nation are not educated to the level needed to compete with the academic level of the world, we are doomed to fail from the bottom up? With this reduction in funding are students’ classrooms keep getting larger and larger until realistically they become nothing more than educated dummies. Pushed through the system due to the lack of needed supplies, materials, and properly trained teacher. As due to low pay and antiquated equipment. I use to sit and listing to the talking heads on both, sides talk about our education system, attempting to soak in the good and the bad. Attempting my best to be as “Fox News” would say “Fair and Balanced”. They would complain about how a Professor here or a grade school teacher there would offer their own opinion as law or truth. Now of course regardless of which side of the ball you are on there could be concerned with this mind-set.
Young people are acceptable to ideals that they may not clearly understand. They do to their own lack of knowledge may take on theirs teachers or instructor mind-set, not truly understanding why, just attempting to conform to their instructor way of thinking not wanting to confront or start an confrontation regarding the subject of which they are discussing. I have only known of one family since coming to Oak Harbor that ...

... middle of paper ... For me this is one of the most important reasons to home school our children. It will ensure that they will be able to form their own opinion.

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