Failures And Its Impact On My Life Essay

Failures And Its Impact On My Life Essay

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Although failures are meant to discourage, my failures are what I thrive off of and what has shaped me into the person I am today. It is because of my failures that I have acquired and developed skills in areas such as fundamental, multicultural, social and information literacies.
I was raised up to be a self-motivated person by the most inspirational people in my life, my parents. While my parents had lived out a true ‘Cinderella story,’ they defied all odds against them and turned very little into more than enough. Watching my parents transform in such a way inspired me to achieve what they have and so much more. I still recall filling up small bottles with vehicle oil for hours at a time in my garage just so that my father could get his lubricant packaging business off the ground back in 2004. Their disadvantages and even failures are what had personally set the foundation of understanding what true success really is.
As I watched my parents struggle for months upon months, it was that much more inspirational when I saw them succeed when the family business took off less than a year later. As an eight year old, I did not realize it at the time but little did I know that my parents had instilled the fundamental literacy that I need to go about my life as a literate person. The basis of what it really means to read and write; the beginning of my education had been designed through example. The example my parents set for me had always encouraged me to take responsibility for not only my failures but my success as well. Interesting enough, the disadvantages that my parents faced were financially related simply because they were the first generation in my family to be born and raised in America. This made it difficult for my gran...

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...d happily practicing my social skills and committing my time into a sport I love have all contributed to how I became a literate person. I learned how to read and write in both English and Spanish, I learned how to appreciate the history and diversity of this country as well as Spanish speaking countries, I learned how to use my extroverted personality for the better, and I have learned what it means to learn from my mistakes and take responsibility through sports. Little did I know until now that all of these literacies are what is going to be applied in the terrifying world of reality whether it means is dealing with a boss, coworkers, friends, family and so on. The types of literacies that I have practiced are still being explored because I still have much to learn in the next four years of my life before I have to take a giant leap onto reality all on my own.

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