Essay about Failure, Unsuccessful, Non Accomplishment

Essay about Failure, Unsuccessful, Non Accomplishment

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Failure, unsuccessful, non accomplishment, those are words that as a little girl don’t
come to one 's mind. All I thought as a little girl was what to play with next. Of course school
was just an unimportant part of my life, something that just seemed mandatory without having a
reason for it to be. Suddenly, school started getting harder and harder, so I started struggling. I
realized that I had to do something about it ,but I didn’t Know what. Fourth grade came around
and that 's when I moved to another school. Moving was more like a new beginning for me
because I actually started paying more attention and thinking more about how not doing my
work would affect my education. Also, my parents advice helped me a lot. I started to think more
about them and less about me. I knew that failing would lead to disappointment and all my
parents hard work would just be thrown out. I consider my parents and all they have given me
and I 'm not talking about material things, but the words and manners that have helped me be who
I am today. I have always had the thought that if I fail at something, I am also failing my parents
and the people who believe I can do amazing things in life. I know I can count on my family for
anything and that has given me the potential to overcome any obstacles in my life. Yes I have
had problems in my life and sometimes it 's not easy to focus in school, but I think everyone faces
those types of situations and it 's up to them to make the best of them or give up.
Giving up is not an option for me and shouldn’t be for anyone because I know everyone
has the ability to do great things in life. I know I will always do my best even if I feel like I can 't
go any further. I want to be able to go to college and pursue my d...

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...hat I do most because it’s something that will come no matter what. I
have fun being a teenager as long as whatever I 'm doing won 't affect my future in a bad way.

I know what I want for my future, I know how to overcome obstacles in my way that prevent
me from reaching my goal, and I know that it won 't be easy ,but I will finish school and have a
career. “Failing” and “giving up” are words that I know very well, but are not welcome in my
life. I will strive for what I want until I have it. I 've learned that everything is possible no matter
how many people tell me otherwise. For the bad things, I will be self sufficient and stay away
from anything distracting me. I will always put effort in everything I do and learn from the
mistakes I 've made. I will do it for my family and for the people that believe in me, but most of
all I will do it for myself and my future.

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