The Failure Of The Education System Essay

The Failure Of The Education System Essay

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The Failure of the Education System
In the American educational system, access to an education is never an issue or concern to citizens. What is of concern is the quality of the education that is being received. Although segregation in schools was reversed over 50 years ago, there are still ways that the system promotes and ensures racial injustice to minority groups. This racial injustice is the unfair treatment of racial groups that gains life in policies and schools themselves to prevent equality and advancement. In Ta-Nehisi Coates’ letter to his son, Between the World and Me, he points out the reality that education is not about curiosity and learning, but rather about compliance and obedience (Coates 26). The author calls for a further look at the small injustices, that often go overlooked, which ultimately shape the entire schooling system. The school system often acts as a jail by focusing on students following order, but not growing with knowledge. With a blind eye, an education can seem like a pipeline to a future and a job, but can be altered to lead some to prison or end up without a job. Coates’ story about his journey from public school to Howard University is a call for education reform. His call to action to stop treating students as criminals goes hand in hand with the racial injustice of criminals today. Because of the racial injustice America preserves in the educational system by treating students as criminals, it is necessary to ensure that students are treated as students by bringing to light the contributing factors.
To ensure that minorities do not negatively affect the classroom setting, they are being expelled at high rates, eventually creating a pipeline to prisons. As Coates covered, policies, such a...

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...cts that students live in, and standardized tests all play roles in the school system, but also an underlying role in racism. These ideas were set up to progress the education of the majority and halt the education of the minority. The illusion of education is that if a student is going to school, they will receive the same quality of education as everyone else, despite skin color, language barriers, and economic status. It can be hard to see, but in the 21st century, racism is still flourishing in the education system. As Ta-Nehisi Coates has pointed out, education reform is needed and has been long overdue. For reform to begin, society needs to stop pushing past the idea that racism cannot exist in this day in age. Both the United States and the citizens that reside here need to acknowledge what is happening and stand up for equality in the educational institution.

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