Failure Is The Mother Of Success Essay

Failure Is The Mother Of Success Essay

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“The failure is the mother of success” this Chinese quote said that failure is not the end. Failure is where people learn from their mistake. People cannot be successful all the time. Indeed, there are many people who learned from their failures before being successful. Each failure that people had met is a helpful lesson and valuable experience to help them become a better person.
People are not always successful in their lives, including the talent and rich people. Many people fear to fail, because they are fearing that other people know that they are not smart or talent. When a person is successful, nobody will notice their effort, but when they fail, many people will remember that. Throughout history many great inventions were created base on many time of failure. Nobody in this world can invented something for the first time without being failed. An example for it is Wright brothers, who created airplanes, they were failed many time before they were successful make a heavy mental machine fly up to the sky. Without their failure to lead to the success, people now day mayb...

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