Failing A Student At The High School Level Of Education Essay

Failing A Student At The High School Level Of Education Essay

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Failing a student in a class can be used as a tool to achieve accountability of a student, however the cost of this can be devastating to a student. Failing a student can have long last effects on the student 's outcome in life. School provides the skills to be successful in careers and failing a student could lead to the student not entering the career field they choose.

Students should not be failed in school in many circumstances, failing a student can have long lasting problems on the students life. Failing a student at the high school level of education can be repaired by additional classes in a night school or during the summer. However certain classes might not be able to be retaken, based on when the student failed the class. If the student failed close to graduation of high school they will be required to attend a make up class to hopefully pass in the summer after graduation. If graduation is not possible the only way to receive the same level as a high school diploma is to take General Education Development test. General Education Development can be harmful when applying for jobs that are competing with high school graduates. Students in high school that have failed classes can have their lives negatively impacted and the effects last a life time, depending on the situation.

Also students that are attending college can also be devastated by being failed in a class. The effects of failing a class can lead to the student requiring to change majors due to not being able to retake the class. As an example a major that requires a high level of math could not be achieved if the student has been banned for retaking the class. However this can usually be overcome by letters to petition to retake the class. If th...

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...especially since most students do want to achieve a passing grade or better. Addressing the barriers with a student can be difficult since it is an outside perspective towards why the student is having difficulties. Alternative methods to deal with a students delinquent work can be addressed to help the student such as addressing the students difficulties.

Failing a student is useful to show feedback to the student based on the work they complete. Working with a student before reaching a failing grade at the end of a semester would be a better alternative. Failure of a student should be avoided when possible, but that is not always possible and teachers should take into consideration whether the student is making the effort to participate in class. Failure in a class is always a big impact on a student 's life and overcoming the impact can be quite difficult.

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