Fahrenheit 451 By William Bradbury Essay

Fahrenheit 451 By William Bradbury Essay

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Dystopias come in all shapes and forms, there are some that are Big Brother paranoia mixed with an extreme violence then there are others that destroy originality, take advantage, and control through manipulation, but all teach lessons. Through various dystopian elements, the author develops comments and forms reflections on today’s society within his work. Fahrenheit 451 incorporates government control and censorship as a way to introduce dystopian features that relate to society today. However, that doesn’t mean everything should be taken literal. Government control and censorship are dystopian elements that the author, Bradbury, cultivates to support his commendation on various issues, which relate to today’s society without being identical.
The novel resembles today’s society in many ways; however, there are a few important differences that play a vital role in making Fahrenheit 451 a dystopian novel. For example, firefighters burn novels and the authority restricts people from reading books; however, today, firefighters stop fires, books remain safe from destruction, and people encourage reading. The relationship between the government and citizens are different within the novel and today’s society. In the novel, the government provides happiness for the people through entertainment and false security. For example, they “…cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them… full of 'facts ' they feel stuffed, but absolutely 'brilliant ' with information” (Bradbury 58), which demonstrates the manipulation within the relationship. Another difference is in Fahrenheit 451 society disapproves of the individual mentality, but today’s society embraces the independent mentality. Beatty says, “We must all be alike. Not everyone bor...

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...ugh such laws violate the U.S. Constitution. For example, Charlie Hebdo is considered by many to be an inflammatory and offensive publication, particularly for its graphic cartoons lampooning religious figures such as the Prophet Muhammad. Bradbury utilizes censorship to support his comments on today’s society.
Government control and censorship are dystopian elements that the author, Bradbury, cultivates to support his commendation on various issues, which relate to today’s society without being identical. Dystopia novels remain captivating because they resemble future societies. However, these novels do exaggerate various factors, which means they not everything should be taken literally. Authors utilize various dystopian elements to support their comments on society. Bradbury uses government control and censorship to support his reflections of today’s society.

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