Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles: Warnings of What Not To Do in Ray Bradbury's Novels

Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles: Warnings of What Not To Do in Ray Bradbury's Novels

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This summer I read 2 works by Ray Bradbury. Both were very good and were written with very good descriptions. The novels were Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles. Actually The Martian Chronicles was actually more like a group of short stories put together. One thing both these books had in common was with what the Author Mr. Bradbury had in mind while writing these. He had the future set in his mind. And he saw the deepest of the future. An example of this is how he had us going to war and mars by the year 2000.
That is ambitious. Ray Bradbury really changes our world with the stories he has written. I t seems to me like his stories are warning of what not to do. The first time a writer of science fiction and fantasy received a Pulitzer Prize was when Ray Bradbury received one. And he sure did deserve it. Both of the books I read had very good descriptions in them, like my old teacher said they showed me and did not tell me. An example of this type of writing is on the 1st page of this story. “The great python spitting venomous kerosene upon the world.” In this sentence Ray Bradbury described the hose spraying kerosene.
The first book I read is Fahrenheit 451. In this story Guy Montag a fireman who sets fires (instead of stopping them) to books starts to question his society and way of life. In this book the government has basically brainwashed all its citizens to think in particular manner the convoys the sense not to question but to do. In this world family is replaced by TV, which is basically the item that’s brainwashing the people and, there is a war currently going on. The person who points Montag to this direction in which Montag throws away everything he is used to and starts to really think.
Is his ne...

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...rson" should act in society. So he brilliantly uses the house to kill the people. The main theme/ idea I believe (for that story) is that you shouldn’t be ignorant. Just like the other book this one hints on how evil censorship is.

In the book it shows us how civilizations end and why they do. First man came to mars when Martians were there. Then he soon took over mars. The main reason man came to mars is because he was fleeing from the war back home. But soon when the war got to an extent he went back to earth. But few people stayed back, and then they became Martians. That basically shows what had happened in the past.
Ray Bradbury was a person that truly changed the meaning of short story and fantasy. For over forty years, he has been writing novels, short stories, poems, plays, and movie scripts that have always kept him at the top of American literature.

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