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The Fae Princess

The girl had felt a mixture of fear and awe when she had entered the main room. There were around five floors and each was filled with the mysterious, red-eyes creatures. These were the Dark Gods in all their glory. On the top floor there were six massive figures, each stood tall and regal. They were the leaders of the realm, she could tell.
She knelt as her sister had told her to, keeping her eyes on the Dark Gods. The one on the far left stepped forward and spoke. “Daughter of Irinia, Princess of the Dark Fae, are you prepared to face your fate and become one with darkness?” his powerful voice took her unawares but she hastily retained her composure.
“Yes” she said, “I am ready.”
The Dark God took a deep breath that echoed throughout the room and made her spine tingle. He suddenly disappeared. She felt confused for just a moment, and then he reappeared right in front of her. It took all of her willpower not to topple over backwards in surprise. She looked up at him. Shadows concealed the areas of his body where skin should have been. He wore a light suit of armor and carried a silver longsword and a dagger at his waist.
He circled her, looking her up and down. She felt very unnerved by his gaze. It felt as though he was peering into her mind, her soul. After a minute he stopped. “You appear to be very brave girl, you are intelligent, enthusiastic, eager. You are also curious, maybe too curious” he looked thoughtful, “but... you have the potential to be headstrong and make reckless decisions. There is also... there is something deep inside you girl, something sinister. Nonetheless, you have the potential to be a great asset to your race”.
He stopped talking. The girl felt tense. He was preparing to do...

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“What do I do?” she said, feeling panicked.
“Go back to the area where you arrived. There you can travel back” he paused, “do not mention to the Fae what you have seen. If we appear weak then there will be fear, and your society will topple.”
She nodded, imagining what the priests would say if she told them. It was definitely not a good idea.
“Good” the Dark Lord said, “Jon here will escort you.”
The man behind the Dark Lord looked surprised but nodded in agreement and stepped forward.
“Let's go” he said, “We have to move, now!”
“Wait!” she called out to the Dark Lord, who was turning to leave. He turned, “What is it?”
“I need a name” she insisted, “I can't go back without a name.”
The Dark Lord pondered for a moment. “Eclipse” he responded finally, and left without saying another word.
Eclipse, she thought, The Mistress of Fate...

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