The Faculty Senate at Truman State University Essay examples

The Faculty Senate at Truman State University Essay examples

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Faculty Senate at Truman State University is one small peg in the tradition and history that is representative government and democracy. The term ‘democracy’ is a Greek term that means rule of the people . The earliest democracy and representative government began in Greece, Athens specifically. When representatives were chosen they were selected from wealthy, white males. Usually the men who were chosen were the richest of the possible selection .
The purpose of this type of government was to allow the “common man” to make decisions for other “common people”. This allowed them to be the “bad guys” rather than just one ruler. For example, if a war needed to take place, the Senate allowed for a possible discussion and logical explanations. Whereas, if a king or other singular ruler declares a war that the public does not agree with the logic and proof is harder to come by for the everyday citizen .
In addition, it helped people to feel more active in the decisions of every day lives, such as new laws, regulations and taxes. Because a certain number of people got to vote, it was seen as a mandate to allow these people to represent them. Whereas, a singular ruler often was unpopular if he has been grandfathered in, or given the job because his predecessors were family.
Democracy spread from Athens to other Grecian city-states and eventually to other areas in that part of the world. One of the most famous early democracies or representative governments was the Roman Senate. However, this occurred because of the domination of Athens and Greece by Rome and the local governments, more stable that the militaristic style of Rome, proved to be stronger and a better decisions .
One of the reasons that this system of government is...

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Twentieth anniversary banquet honoring President Walter H. Ryle and his twenty years of service as president of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College : October 17, 1957.

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