Faculty Evaluation : Student 's Feedback Essay example

Faculty Evaluation : Student 's Feedback Essay example

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Faculty Evaluation: Student’s Feedback Summary
The purpose of this learning activity is to analyze a student evaluation report provided pertaining to a course taught by faculty (i.e., yourself). Next, faculty will use the analysis findings to develop a personal improvement plan addressing core elements, data findings, and student feedback (e.g., positive, negative, etc.) to improve their future practice.
Overview of Analysis
Upon reviewing the survey results, faculty received a student response rate of 63.9% (i.e., 106 out of 116), which is very good and represents the target population (“Student Feedback,” n.d.). In addition, the Cronbach’s alpha (a = 0.84) for elements 1.1. to 1.5 suggests the survey is a reliable instrument for evaluating student responses to the items (“Student Feedback” n.d.). Students also rated items using a five-point Likert-type scale, where five means strongly agreed and one indicates strongly disagree.
For items 1.2, 1.4, and 1.5, roughly 58% to 84% of students agreed or strongly agreed that faculty met each core element. For example, 58% (i.e., 60 out of 104) of students reported that faculty was prepared to teach learning activities. Students reported that faculty provided PowerPoint slides, notes, recorded lectures, helpful hints, and grading rubrics for each learning activity. However, students suggested that additional guidance regarding assignments, longer lectures, and access to sample papers would have been helpful during the course. Unfortunately, several students reported that the rubrics were sometimes confusing and that PowerPoint presentations would not load properly. In addition, multiple students commented that faculty was not ready to teach, provided little support, and/or seemed anno...

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...2% to 68% of students responded less than favorably to items 5.4, 5.5, 5.10, and 5.12. Thus, each of these items will be discussed further in the next section. In contrast, for item 5.1, 97% of students reported successfully (i.e., agreed, strongly agreed) accessing the course prior to the first day of class. While, roughly 87% of students reported successfully navigating course materials. Likewise, 86% of students responded positively to item 5.3, which suggest that participants could submit course assignments without difficulty. As previously mentioned, 98% of students also reported participating in their own learning. Equally important, 74% of students reported feeling as though he or she was part of a community of learners (“Student Feedback,” n.d.). While, 62% of students reported satisfaction with the course’s multimedia components (“Student Feedback,” n.d.).

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