Faculty and Curriculum Development Essay

Faculty and Curriculum Development Essay

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Designing the curriculum is the most exciting and creative part of curriculum development. However, Faculty development program diplomas have aims and goals whether or not they are clearly articulated. Therefore, faculty developers are obliged both professionally and ethically to meeting the needs of the students, patients and the society. In such cases, faculty developer should be held accountable for the outcomes of their interventions. In order to achieve these needs, it is necessary to implement a logical and systemic approach to curriculum development (Kern, 1998). Following the first phase of implementation of the new program, a formal assessment must be carried out in order to adjust the process and to establish a link between institutional goals, courses and curriculum. It should be effective and evolving practice that will ensure that the types of physicians being produced have appropriate qualities.
Current curriculum
The current curriculum is mostly based on American medical education. There has been a relevant change to introduce clinical sciences in the context of a university and thus resulting to a significant shift from a community practice-based model of preparation of careers to one which clinical medicine is taught by full-time faculty in universities and university-affiliated teaching hospitals (Kern, 1998). As a result of shifting from this paradigm, the functions of the curriculum have changed to focus on moving from passive learning through lectures to active learning through use of small group exercises.
These new directions have invoked a study that attempts to identify and assess specific content that are taught in medical school courses. For example, gross anatomy, was commonly taught through the dis...

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...cational programs. These include all round school planning, inter- schools and providing a safe environment that will support learning activities (Lovat & Toomey, 2009). It is also necessary to implement quality-teaching procedures that will provide support for the development of positive skills and dispositions in students. Cultural values are collaborative exercises including respect, excellence, creativity and interdependence within the school and community.
In respect to cultural and religious values in Saudi Arabia, the diploma curriculum has been bolstered to include references to guide the students around cultural norms. This includes religious values and beliefs, gender separation, the view of modesty and society expectations. All which help round out the faculty and staff to be able to better handle sensitive cultural divides between doctors and patients.

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