Essay on Factual Texts and Fictional Texts

Essay on Factual Texts and Fictional Texts

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Task 1
Factual texts are that the thing we read is based on facts. The facts are true and reliable. Facts cannot come out of nothing, so they are based on research and studies. Reading texts will to teach us more about the real life, it can be especially the thing you are interested in. Unlike fictional texts, the factual texts are based on facts, and not things that amazes our brain and imagination.A important rules before you writing a factual texts is the text should be based on recent studies,and it must be written in an interesting way so the reader can easily read and understand the text. A factual text consists of theories, thoughts and of course facts.
Factual texts are that the thing we read is based on facts. The facts are true and reliable. Fact cannot
On the internet, we can find many factual texts consisting of all the things we can imagine, but some of the texts are more interesting than others. I like to read about technology and science. Especially I like to read about air crafts, and the development that scientists gain in this particular area. I find it interesting because this can help the humankind in the future, and it could benefit my children and grandchildren.
Working with such texts is something that everyone could benefit from, if the text is interesting, you can be both pleased and learn at the same time. The class can learn a lot of information if the teacher let us read factual books. To make it more interesting we could also read things like science magazines. The teacher could then give us different tasks and mission, which must be handed in, then everyone could get a comment on their work.
We can learn several things while we have this project. The most important thing is that we will learn fact...

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...o the world, many people that lives under hard conditions can learn something from this text. It is fascinating how a whole nation could hate the Jews, and that they lived under very hard conditions that we in the Western world could not even imagine.
As a conclusion I find it very interesting to read literary texts, we can learn a lot, in addition we can develop our English skills. The learning gets more interesting if the author writes in a good and easy way. If the author is experienced, the reading is easier and we learn more. We can improve our writing skills, like structure and vocabulary. Reading is important, and every student should read at least a few books each year. By reading literary texts about other person’s life, we can learn from their mistakes, and also about their experience. We see how other people achieves their goals, and the way they do it.

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