Facts Surrounding the Film Gone with the Wind

Facts Surrounding the Film Gone with the Wind

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Gone with the Wind: Directed by Victor Fleming
Victor Fleming's production, Gone with the Wind, made an impact on the large amount of people suffering from the depression because of his talent, the storyline of the film, and the 'get away place' it served as.
Victor Fleming, the director behind multiple motion pictures, was a very talented man. Before his career in the movie business, he lived an interesting lifestyle. Fleming's days before being famous are reported in multiple reference books and online documentations such as the Victor Fleming biography (written by the AEC One Stop Group Incorporated ®). He was born in Pasadena, California, on the twenty second of January in 1889. Fleming was a racecar driver and chauffeur in his earlier days. Most people believed his career would be centered on automobiles, but they were most defiantly wrong. Later he got a job as a stunt man, the stunts were mainly car related stunts, which was easy for him because he was around mechanics a lot. This got him started on the art of filmmaking. He longed to be behind the camera just like all the other directors, and he was going to work hard to get it. He soon got jobs, a lot with Douglas Fairbanks, as a cameraman at first. Later, directing became his passion and all movie lovers soon knew his name. As a man in film, Fleming was terrifically dedicated and successful. His job as a stunt man was started in 1910, and by 1929 he released his major first film, the Virginian. The black and white western is about two cowboys and former friends fighting over the affection of a young woman. He later went on to create the two movies that raised him to the peek of his career, the Wizard of OZ and Gone with the Wind. Being the nice man he was, the Yahoo! ® search engine records show he remained friends with some of the actors and actresses he worked with until his death on the sixth of January 1949. The Internet Movie Database, in a Victor Fleming biography, states that among these were Gary Cooper, Richard Huston, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, and Clark Gable.
Gone with the Wind is a breathtaking film that is still enjoyed today as much as it was in 1939. The film has a captivating storyline that draws people in easily, it is hard to stop watching it.

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This story is based on Margaret Mitchell?s novel, published in 1936. The public had loved the book so much, it was decided to create a movie about it. The stars of this film are Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable as Scarlett and Rhett. Scarlett, a Southern belle, helplessly falls in love with a local, Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard) and she is mortified when he marries another woman. As she wallows about the loss of her love, she meets a wealthy man named Rhett Butler. This is by far a classic, and would be loved by the generations to come. Gone with the Wind received eight awards in the year of its release and went down as one of the most famous productions in history, according to a MSN Encarta ® article, and it has eight Academy Awards to prove it.
Hollywood in the Depression explains how movies, especially good ones, during the depression became a savior for those who were stressed and needed a ?place? to get away and forget about their troubles. The people of America enjoyed movies so much, they would pay all the money they could offer to watch a movie for a short period of time. They used enough money to feed their starving families during the depression to have two hours of entertainment. Strangely enough, this was never frowned upon. Movies demonstrate how the American society needs enjoyment to live their lives in serenity, or at least for the moment.
As families are watching this captivating film across America, the people watching should consider how important and relieving it was for all the citizens of this amazing country. The talent that was needed to make this film is overwhelming and it is unbelievable how these actors pulled their way through the depression era and still had the time and energy to devote themselves to the Gone with the Wind production. So all the people watching and enjoying this film should consider the amount of effort that was needed for the movie, just for their entertainment (and money).
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