The Facts And Show Human Trafficking Essay

The Facts And Show Human Trafficking Essay

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My paper is to show the facts and show what human trafficking. I will explain the way victims are recruited by men and women who sell and enslave women and children. Evidence that will contribute are victims and consumers and customer. Ending will be the difficult ways to identify victims of sex trafficking, and the criminal justice system on human trafficking.
U.S. Department of State reasons that they believes that thousands of children in the United States are trafficked within the borders of their country. The victims that are taken and are forced into human trafficking and or sex trafficking are more than likely still in the same country that they were taken from. In other countries they too have reported that they have victims that are sold and enslaved in their own country or state lines. United States human trafficking is said to have occurred when a person is coerced (an unwilling person) or forced to labor against his or her will, regardless of the distance from where the victim was bought or sold to where he or she is eventually compelled to work. If the victim is 10 or 10000 miles from where they are from or where they are taken from it doesn’t matter whether a crime of human trafficking has occurred. The only thing that is relevant is whether the person was coerced or forced to labor against his or her will.
Recruiting victims of human trafficking is a rare job but in some cases you find people that are skilled at tricking a person to work for them, without even knowing what they are getting themselves into. The recruiter will treat the victim like they are at their level but when they get them in the circle and away from safety then they will inform the victim of their enslavement and conditions of their occupation....

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...ue that has the most power over the workers are the mental and emotional treatment they give out. The fear of punishment to the victim and their family members is a technique they also use to keep the workers in control. Also another thing that the victims have a fear of is deportation. They use all these techniques to maintain order. Since most victims are without passports and are at risk of being arrested by authorities they follow what they are told to do and don’t go against because they could be arrested. It is also common that after months of enslavement the victims don’t even think about escaping anymore because it’s too late or they have tried and failed. “Stockholm syndrome” (loyalty to the hostage taker) will have the victims stuck in their ways and soon they will make trafficking an easy task. (Aronowitz, 2001; Bales, 2005; Beeks & Amir, 2006; Farr, 2005)

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