Essay on Facts About The Restaurant Industry

Essay on Facts About The Restaurant Industry

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Facts Surrounding the Case
The restaurant industry is flourishing day by day as the people have started realizing the importance of going outside of their homes and have something for eating. There are various sorts of restaurants that are providing various sorts of foods, but the seafood like lobster is one of the dishes that has added value into this industry. Red Lobster is the organization that has name in the industry and has been struggling to provide its customers the best and the qualitative services and the products. It is the oldest food chain on which the customers have their trust. People believe that it is the quality of the lobsters that is necessary to be provided to them so that they could be satisfied and return to make purchase.
It is a fact that the company has been struggling for gaining the top-notched position in the market and in this regard there are various sorts of strategies that have been adopted by it. The year 2004 was very crucial in the history of the company when the new executive namely Lopdrup took the charge and there were various things that needed to reshuffle so that the company could gain the right position. The head of the company Red Lobster tried his best in having the company achieved its desired position. The management of the company under the leadership of Lopdrup attempted to have sheer focus over the provision of the qualitative seafood products.
There were more than 700 branches of the company that were asked to ensure the provision of the qualitative products and services in all aspects. In fact, the factor of affordability for every person was given the most importance. America is the country where the standard of living of the people is considered to be high, but the food indus...

... middle of paper ... presence in many states of the country which means it would have to face the competition from the local small or the middle chain of restaurants. Competition is always problematic especially at the time when the company is having less or no qualities to offer to the customers. Though the Red Lobster is having a lot features but it has to still face a number of problems which its management never considered. The company possesses more than 1, 50,000 casual dining tables which are mostly in the urban and rural areas. The competition in those areas is very high and demands a deep understanding of the relevant variables. Joe’s Crab Shack is one of the competitors of the organization. It is having presence in more than 113 locations. In a nutshell, the competition cannot be stopped; the management has to deal with it and has to produce its products in accordance to it.

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