Essay on The Facts About Methamphetamine

Essay on The Facts About Methamphetamine

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“Meth, not even once” is a popular phrase that is associated with this drug. This drug has many known horrible effects associated with it, plus many effects more I am sure are going to be discovered over time. I am intending to cover the history, effects, the different categories of meth abuse, and the withdrawal effects of Methamphetamine in this paper, and what to do if you suspect someone you know is using meth.
Methamphetamine is an extremely dangerous drug that is included in the same drug class as other drugs like Cocaine. It’s most common street names include; ice, glass, crank, and meth. Meth starts off as a stimulant, but turns into a drug that will destroy your body. Meth addiction is one of the hardest addictions to treat, which is why many people result in dying from an overdose of meth. (What is Crystal Meth Addiction)
Methamphetamine created in 1919 in Japan. It went into wide use for both sides during World War II and it was especially used by Japanese pilots before their flights. Once the war was over, leftover storage of Methamphetamine went public resulting in extremely high amounts of abuse with this drug. During the 1950’s this drug was used as a diet aid and was also used in the thought that it helped to fight depression. It was also over used by college students, truck drivers, and athletes because of its easy availability. This pattern increased remarkably in the 1960’s when this drug became more available in an injectable form. The United States Government in the 1970’s made Meth, for most uses, illegal which then resulted in Mexican drug trafficking organizations to set up large labs in California. Today most of this drug that is available comes from Thailand, Myanmar, and China. (History of Methamphetam...

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