Facts about Canada´s Park

Facts about Canada´s Park

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Park Information
• Established on May 9th, 2003 by Parks Canada
• Located in British Columbia in the gulf islands
• 33 square kilometres over 16 islands.
• 40th reserve of the 43 in Canada
• Spread across 15 islands and many islets and reefs in the northern reaches of the inland
• Rocky shorelines and steep headlands.
• Park was made to protect the unique eco-system, which is rich in its healthy plant life and diverse animal life
• Part of the Cordilleran region
• underlain by folded and highly faulted sedimentary rocks
• This specific area of BC is seismically active overlying a tectonic subduction zone
• Glacial ice as much as a mile thick carved the landscape over two glacial periods
• sea levels have remained the same for the last 5,000 years
• Canada’s only Mediterranean type climate warm and dry in the summer and mild and wet in the winter
• Mediterranean type of climate with dry summers, moderate rainfall in the winter
• More than 2000 hours of sunshine annually
• Summer temperatures are around 200C
• Winter temperatures are cooler at 5-100 C
• Freezing temperatures are rare
• Autumn is the foggiest season and spring brings the windiest weather
• The wide variety of terrestrial and marine habitats mean that the wildlife found in the Gulf Islands is very diverse
• Eagles, falcons, turkey vultures fly in the sky
• Hundreds and thousands of sea birds and shore birds and water fowls visit this reserve
• There are no large predators in the islands
• 15 endangered species, 10 threatened species and 13 species of special concern
• Animals of such include, butterflies, sharp tailed snakes, shellfish, ferns, bats, killer whales
• Blue Heron
• Bald Eagle
• Kingfisher
Sea Life
• Salmon
• Jellyfish
• Octopus
• Anemone
• Sea Stars

• Otters
• Harbour Seal
• California Sea Lion
• Steller’s Sea Lion
• Northern Elephant Seal
Whales, porpoises and dolphins
• Orca
• Gray Whale
• Humpback Whale
• Minke Whale
• Dall’s Porpoise
• Harbour Porpoise
• Pacific Dolphin
• There are plant life in the Gulf islands cannot be found elsewhere in Canada
• Garry oak and arbutus trees (smooth red bark and evergreen leaves)
• Garry oak ecosystem is one of Canada’s most endangered ecosystems
• Dominant ecosystem of the southern Gulf Islands is Douglas fir balsam red cedar
• Areas of open wildflower meadows and grassy hilltops
• Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry and gorse
Park activities
• Kayaking, boating, hiking, camping and tide pool exploration
• Cycling is popular on the larger islands, with the hilly topography giving cyclists a good workout
• You can only visit some islands by boat or ferry rides, giving kayakers and boaters unique opportunities to explore and hike more remote areas and islands
• Also a great place to go site seeing, at the top of the Mount Waterburton Pike mountain on Saturna Island
• On clear days, the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, volcanic Mount Baker, and the Coast ranges on both Vancouver Island and the mainland can be seen.

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• The Gulf Islands and surrounding areas also have some great locations for scuba diving
My choice
• Gulf islands is known allot for the great places to Scuba dive
• The region is best known for its diving shipwrecks, marine life and for the clarity of the ocean water.
• The west coast of British Columbia is recognized as a top diving destination in the world!
• Some of the dive sites located throughout the islands include "Snake Island", "The GB Church", "Norris Rocks", "The McKenzie", "Arachnie Reef", "Boscowitz Rock", "Forest island", "Grahams Wall", "Tilly Caves" and "Flora Island".

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