Factory Farming, It Needs to Change Essay

Factory Farming, It Needs to Change Essay

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Factory Farming, It Needs to Change!
Factory farming is the process of “employing abusive practices that maximize agribusiness profits at the expense of the environment, our communities, animal welfare, and even our health” (Factory Farming). These methods are used across the United States and have major impacts on not only those consuming the food but the environment as well. Some hold the position that this method is inhumane and should not be allowed. However, others argue that this process creates economically cheap food and allows food to be produced at a faster rate. Therefore, the factory farming industry can improve its conditions in all aspects if it is reformed to successfully satisfy the rights that the livestock deserve and the rights of the people impacted. This can be accomplished by tightening laws and bringing media attention to the subject.
As mentioned earlier, the treatment of animals that inhabit these farms are mistreated and are not given many rights. A shocking statistic to consider is that “ninety-nine percent of the meat in the US comes from factory farms” (Leader, The Huffington Post). This shocking number shows that awareness to this issue needs to be higher considering how prevalent this is in the American culture. The Huffington Post reports “since these animals live in such close quarters, some farm operators remove the beaks of chickens, turkeys and ducks to keep from pecking one another to death, often by burning or cutting the beaks off” (Leader, The Huffington Post). Another example of the mistreatment towards farm animals is the process of killing chicks. “Baby chickens who were of no egg-laying use to the buyers were put on a conveyor belt and sent directly to a grinder” (Leader, The Huffingto...

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