Factory Farming Is A Large Impact On Our Environment Essay

Factory Farming Is A Large Impact On Our Environment Essay

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Factory Farming is having a large impact on our environment. The commons, mainly land, fresh water, and the atmosphere, are being negatively altered by the pollution and waste produced by factory farms. The human behaviours which cause the problem are predominantly the factories’ attempts to minimize costs and maximize profit while ignoring any environmental effects their choices will make. Degradation of land occurs heavily because of overgrazing and when dealing with farms with thousands of cows, that pressure on the land really accumulates. 26 percent of land globally is used for grazing and 33 percent of arable land is used for feed crop production (Steinfeld et al, 2006: 271). Feed crop production for factory farm use takes up a lot of valuable area, but the main issue with this is the high levels of pesticides and fertilizers needed in order to maintain their crop. This practice contributes to local loss of biodiversity as well as altering soil composition. The most common and cheap fertilizer for farmers to use is manure which contains dangerous levels of nitrogen. In an article by Elizabeth Grossman she explains that nitrogen and phosphorus from manure is problematic stating that “too much in surface water can create algae blooms that result in hypoxic or oxygen-deprived dead zones. According to the EPA, excess nutrients from agriculture, including chemical fertilizers and dairy manure, are a major source of water pollution across the US (Grossman 2014). The disregard for environmental damage is what is leading these industrial farms to continue on with their reckless techniques. In Wisconsin, from 2007 to 2013 “the state experienced an average of 15 manure spills annually from dairy farms. Roughly a third of those spills...

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...ilar that encouraged farmers to start considering the environment in their management techniques while being protected from risks, more farmers would take that step and at least begin the process of decreasing the negative environmental effects of factory farming. Financial incentives that the government could offer would compel many farms to change their behavior. The issue is that there is no motivation for farmers to make environmentally wise choices at the moment, they are acting with self-interest and a main goal of the advancement of their business. The government stepping in would provide the motivation that they need. By decreasing the amount of water polluting and gas releasing manure used in fields each year, the environment will be able to strengthen itself. Our environment is a delicate and intricate system, one that we need to do all we can to protect.

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