Factors That Motivate People Learn As Well As Their Performance Essay

Factors That Motivate People Learn As Well As Their Performance Essay

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Motivation is “the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort in attaining a goal” (Robbins, 2005). Frederick Herzberg’s (1968) research put forth that the way to motivate employees was to enrich their jobs. He wrote that they would perform better and do more if they were challenged intellectually, and they would get more psychological satisfaction from their work. Daniel and Metcalf (2005) indicated that “Motivation factors for high job satisfaction include opportunities for recognition, advancement and professional growth.” However, management has found that not all employees want to have their jobs enriched – many would prefer to do relatively routine and repetitive tasks, and intellectual challenges cause them stress. Challenges that motivate one person may discourage another. Motivation influences how and why people learn as well as their performance (Pintrich & Schunk, 1996).
In the area of work motivation, what really seems to matter is the “goal orientation” of individuals (Elliot & Church, 1997). Goal orientation is a “disposition toward developing or demonstrating ability in achievement situations” and “the desire to develop the self by acquiring new skills, mastering new situations and improving one’s competence” (VandeWalle, 1997). Previous research has examined goal orientation as a motivation variable useful for performance appraisal. (DeGeest & Brown, 2011). People generally fall into one of two categories of goal orientation. In the first category are individuals who have a mastery, or learning, orientation. They welcome challenges and enjoy learning new skills that allow them to master the challenges. Their approach to problems is associated with a belief that intell...

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... in most cases, be abolished. The research clearly supports the view that annual reviews have no motivational value, and in many cases they reduce motivation and subsequent performance. At the same time, it is unlikely that many people spend as much time as they should be reviewing and setting specific goals for employees. Management should be doing so frequently, throughout the year. Face-to-face interactions can improve motivation through increasing employees’ awareness of how their jobs impact others (Knowledge@Wharton, 2010). Organizational leadership cannot be achieved without strong management and a focused, thoughtful work environment that promotes motivation. HR leaders and the direct manager need to be in touch with what is important to employees and to work with senior management to foster a motivated work place based on trust, recognition and acknowledgment

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