Essay on The Factors That Make a Student Intelligent

Essay on The Factors That Make a Student Intelligent

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I was sitting in my biology class barely about to fall asleep, when I glanced to my right and found that half my class had already beat me to it. This was actually surprising for me, being in an advanced class and seeing all these bright students with amazing grades burrowing their heads into their folded arms, avoiding eye contact with the teacher, hoping that they can get some shut eye for at least thirty seconds maybe a minute if they are lucky. This spectacle of seeing students who were considered intelligent, sleeping in class begged the question, how. They could study after the class, but that would seem counter productive, not to mention that these high caliber students probably have other activities. This must mean that they study just enough are the right amount before the test, in order to succeed on that “multiple guess” tests, and get by with rudimentary knowledge of whats occurring in the class. This means that they don’t actually know what has been taught to them, which agin begs another question, are these students smart, or just good at preparing for tests.
The way that we should be looking at intelligence is not though the four to five answer choice tests to see how well students can logically deduce what the answer might be. Because when it comes to real life, the world is not filled with multiple options and one of them being right, rather the world and way that we interact with it is filled with variable and factors that may seem small but alter a situation. This is where intelligence's new categorization should stem from. People in a society should be rated on a scale of intelligence based on their ability to understand the subject matter’s of what they are learning, remember it, and one’s ability to apply t...

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... is intelligent and who is not. And this change would exist in how, those who are truly intelligent will know how to apply their knowledge rather than just vomiting out ideas, or memorizing that book the night before the test. With the elimination of guessing being an opportunity for intelligence to be displayed, we will see a rise in the productivity of society, and accurate representation of intelligence for institutions such as colleges to rate students and how they will actually succeed in the college, rather than basing it off of an assumption of correlating GPA with “the goods”. All in all GPA does equate to intelligence, and that with new methods of testing applications and extension of knowledge student’s “brains” will accurately be portrayed. Thus creating for a new breakdown of intelligence that would run on real world brains rather than just book brains.

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