Factors that Led to Northern Victory during the Civil War Essay

Factors that Led to Northern Victory during the Civil War Essay

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A. Plan of Investigation
This investigation analyzes what major factors led to the northern victory during the civil war? To assess the different factors and evaluate the impact each had on the victory of the northern army, the investigation focuses on both the army of the Potomac and the Confederate army during the civil war 1861-1865, the battles during the time, the economic situations of both armies, the political leadership of both the North and the South and the military leadership of the Northern and Southern armies.
The two sources chosen for evaluation are Starving the south: How the north won the civil war written by Andrew F. smith and Why the Confederacy Lost edited by Gabor S. Borrit and written by James M. McPherson. These sources are evaluated for their origin, purpose, value, and limitations
B. Summary of Evidence
The union’s naval blockade against the South led to a gradual decrease of the shipment of war material and necessary supplies to the South and affected the export of Cotton the South’s most acceptable collateral (Beringer 54). Historian E. Merton Coulter wrote, “without a doubt the blockade was one of the outstanding causes of the strangulation and ultimate collapse of the Confederacy (Beringer 55). “None of the confederate generals ever understood the facts of modern war, that war and statecraft were one piece…. the northern generals were able to employ new ways of war (Donald 41). When the war began there was 23 northern states fighting for the union and only 11 confederate states fighting for the confederacy. (Robertson jr. 7). The population of the North was 22,000,000 people and the South’s population was 9,105,000 people. The North also had more men fight in the army than the South did (Robertso...

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