Factors That Influence Website Performance

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Factors that influence website performance. The factors that influence website performances would be the User side factors and server side factors. Some of the user side factors are things such as download speed and PC performance factors such as the browser, cache memory and processor speed. The server side factors would be the web server capacity such as baondwidth, executions to be performed before page load, number of hits and file types. User side factors. Some of the user side factors that will influence the website performance would be the download speed, PC performance such as browser, cache memory and the processor speed. The download size for the website should be high megabits because on a web page there are images, which means that their size would need to be downloaded to preview them. In addition, the size of the web page should be taken into account because the length of the overall page means that it may need more or less megabits to open. The download speed will also be quick because if the company has HTML/CSS coding this means that the page will run much quicker. T...
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