Factors That Influence The Quality Of The Herd Essay

Factors That Influence The Quality Of The Herd Essay

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In animal husbandly there are many factors that influence the quality of the herd. Such as, but not limited to genetics, environment, management practices, diet and deaese factors. All of which people have been working to control ever since we first started moving to an agrarian society. Working to influence these factors has lead to radical changes over the last century with advent of genetics or even attempts at weather control. Despite all of this new technology and scientific revelations, once an animal is on the ground the amount of control we have is limited and cost becomes a big factor. With this in mind, maintain a healthy animal is much easer and cheaper than trying bring one back from an unhealthy condition. This makes nutrition likely the most important part of animal husbandly and one of the easiest and cheapest method of control.

First before choosing what are the best nutrients and how best to deliver them. The physiology of digestion needs to clearly understood. Thus enabling us to choose a feed that will work best with the biological process of digestion that is found in the desired animal. It is with this purpose in mind we will perform a comparative examination of digestive system of the horse and cow.

The choice of horse and cow digestion is based on a few significant factors. First they are both herbivores subsisting primary on grass that are indigestible to humans. Therefor there is little to no competition for food stuffs with humans. Also, they represent two of the more common modalities for herbivore digestion, rumination and hind-gut feeding. Allowing for the information contained within to be applied to other common herbivores. Lastly because the horse and cow a large presence in animal husbandly ha...

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...igesta has reached the abomasum a portion of it is made of dead microbiological life from the ruman. This effluence turns out be a significant portion of a ruminant 's energy uptake.

Regardless of type of digestion once digesta has been digested as much as it can be via digestive enzymes it passes from the fore-gut to the mid-gut, which is comprised of the small intestine. Starting with the duodenum, the foremost portion of the small intestine. Separating the duodenum from the stomach is a sphincter called the pyloric sphincter. The pyloric sphincter by regulating the passage of digesta is able to both make sure that digesta spends enough time in the glandular portion of a stomch for full digestion. Furermaore by reguationg the flow if helps prevent digetive enzymes from passing in the small intestine where there they could damage the tissue of the intestine.

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