Essay on Factors That Influence Positive Behavior

Essay on Factors That Influence Positive Behavior

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Furthermore, I continued to strengthen my own habits. Educating our students to intelligently question a situation and make informed decisions is an important part of properly participating in citizenship duties within their community. Humans are observers by nature. Modeling positive traits could influence positive behavior. I respect my colleagues and students. To show respect for their ideas, personalities and character, it is crucial not to discuss student information with other students or divulge unnecessary data to another teacher not involved in their education. There is a teacher within my department whose comments regarding her student’s abilities are rather negative. Instead of allowing her to demean her students, I stand as an advocate and comment on their capabilities to do any of the work she requests because they have passed all their other science courses without issue. Additionally, it is with those, and other similar positive statements, I preserve their dignity as a student, the worthiness of their previous teachers and of myself for speaking up and against the adverse remarks. The language, gestures and facial expressions we use are scrutinized by students and teachers daily. We never know the types of memories created. One of our professional duties it to carry ourselves in a manner that is indicative of our beliefs. If we would not appreciate or tolerate inappropriate actions or words against us, then as teachers we must show our student respect as an individual in society (Nieto, 2003).
Change also arises through collaboration. Becoming a part of the process means having the ability to make informed decisions based on the furnished evidence. In order to positively change the environment around yo...

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...My interactions with students, parents, and fellow peers has permitted me to share my actively share my vision of effective teaching and learning that impacts the students-how they are viewed by teachers and treated by teachers as student and a community individual. The roads of collaboration built my skills of how to create an on-going support system for myself and my students. Moreover, my actions show the respect I have for my students and peers. Lastly, all of the strategies, theories and perspectives learned through Walden’s program structured my foundation in the field of education to become assertive in my actions for what is right, just and true in teaching and learning. I have stronger understanding that in order to positively affect the community, you must be sensitive to the issues, be open for discussion, accepting of diversity and model the change.

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