Factors That Influence Nutritional Status And Its Relationship With Health

Factors That Influence Nutritional Status And Its Relationship With Health

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In 2011, anthropologist Ellen Messer acknowledged that in spite of having enough food to feed the entire population on the Globe, more than 100 million people experienced shortages of food and nutritional deficiencies (as cited in Wiley & Allen, 2013, p.92). Thus, it is very important to consider analyzing various factors that influence nutritional status and its relationship with health.
Theses statement: Health status and nutrition are interrelated because a healthy diet is essential for sustaining a person’s wellbeing. Several factors influence individuals’ choices of diet. These factors such as family, friends, community, but also history, media, and geographical location have a direct contribution towards people’s health status.
By definition, diet refers to the types of food a person or a population eats on a regular basis. A healthy diet is comprised of food from all groups of macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Besides macronutrients, the human body also needs micronutrients, which play complex roles in the metabolism of food. Micronutrients are basically vitamins and minerals which the body only needs to incorporate in minute amounts; however, their role is vital in the processes of digestion and absorption, hence their name as vitamins.
Diets are very specific to various communities and populations across the globe and throughout the years. They have evolved through millennia starting with the primordial hunting-gathering diets and ending with the post-industrial Western diets, which lately are considered globalized (Wiley & Allen, 2015, p. 75).
In contrast with diet, nutrition refers to the amount of nutrients in the body and how this facilitates optimal health and metabolic integrity (Bender, 20...

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...ficient these people hope to improve their overall life and health status, having more choices for food as they learn to draw more capital into their country (Cole, 2013).

Today’s society is facing various challenges in terms of proper nutrition and access to the right types of foods. People’s health is the result of various factors intermingling to either facilitate or limit a healthy nutrition. It is beyond any doubt that nutrition and diet have a strong input on the overall health status and wellbeing of a person. Therefore, it is imperative that people are knowledgeable about proper nutrition and how social factors, media, history, and geography influence diet choices, behavior, and health status. This will help in raising awareness towards making proper nutritional choices as well as improving society wellbeing and that of the future generations.

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