Factors That Influence A Child 's Behavior Essay

Factors That Influence A Child 's Behavior Essay

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There are many different factors that influence a child’s behaviour. It is up to early childhood educators to know these factors and how to help them overcome the challenges. Firstly, the environment and the people within in it, have an important role in influencing the behaviour of children. When teachers create a calm and secure environment, they are indirectly influencing the children’s behaviour. Gordon and Browne (2014), state that children are least likely to misbehave when provided with toys and activities that are entertaining and engaging. Therefore, children are able to feel relaxed and are more willing to listen to adults. Having an environment with enough space that allows children to move from different areas, without causing disruption. According to Miller (2013), “Children follow their own curiosity as they freely but respectfully explore objects, toys and materials in the environment (p.20). Another factor that has influence on behaviour, would be social and emotional interactions. It is important during the early childhood for children to learn about their emotions and how they should behave during social interactions. Since children are learning about how to be caring towards others, adults need to make sure that they are responding positively to a child’s emotional needs (Miller, 2013). Teachers need to be supportive and responsive towards the needs of the children. Otherwise, Gordon and Taylor (2014) children develop behavioural problems, which occur when their emotional and social needs are not nurtured. Lastly, culture has an influence on children’s behaviour. Since many centres these days are culturally diverse and made up of families from different backgrounds, children’s behaviours are based on their fami...

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...tionships with the parents and families of children in their care. Gonzalez-Mena (2011) suggests that creating an environment which focuses on involving parents or family members and helping them feel accepted into the centre community. Parents and family members should be encouraged to become involved in the early childhood programme. They can help share their own knowledge and skills with the children. According to Raban (cited by Porter, 2013), parents are able to provide teachers with information about their child, also their involvement in the programme helps form a mutual respect between them and the teachers. Having parents and teachers work together is a way to model prosocial skills to children. For example, teachers and parents have a relationship based on respect and cooperation, working together to provide children with a high quality education and care.

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