Factors That Increase My Daily Fruit Intake Essay

Factors That Increase My Daily Fruit Intake Essay

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Hypothesis: I do need to increase my daily fruit intake.
Evidence: My food record shows that I have only eaten just one container of blueberries and one container of blackberries.
Goal: In order to increase my fruit intake I need to budget my money well and buy more variety of fruits to eat throughout the day. I could pack an apple going to the college as a healthy snack instead of buying chips. I can also eat some fruit at the end of my meals to substitute for super sweet desserts. Instead of asking my mother for unhealthy Asian snacks, I could ask her to bring in some Asian fruits to eat instead. When there isn’t enough time to eat my fruits, I could chop them up into a blender and make a fruit smoothie so I’ll still have my daily intake of whole fruits.

Hypothesis: I do need to increase my daily vegetable intake.
Evidence: The vegetable intake is also low since there isn’t enough vegetable serving for the day. I have eaten some of the vegetables that I mentioned in the food hypothesis record. I noticed that I was under the daily vegetable intake according to my food groups and calorie report.
Goal: To increase my vegetable intake, I should put more veggies on my plate instead of limiting them. I would eat more vegetables in small salads as a small snack instead of munching on something unhealthy. What I need to do more is incorporate more crisp and crunchy vegetables on my plate since I find those to be more satisfying to eat and replace crunchy unhealthy foods. Since Khmer foods depend on eating leafy green vegetables, I shouldn’t shy away from eating vegetables that are foreign, especially vegetables that are common in Western foods.

Hypothesis: I need to increase all my grains and whole grain intake.
Evidence: Based o...

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...not consume less than 2,300 mg per day of sodium.
Evidence: According to my food record, tirk krueng, the papaya salad, turkey bacon, and O! Karto snack has the most sodium. In my nutrient report it says that I have consume more than what is recommended.
Goals: Since some of the Khmer food contains a lot of salt, I would find a way to still cook the food, but add less sodium in it. I would also cut out foods that have high sodium such as the turkey bacon, even though it has reduced sodium. Also in the Khmer foods, I would take out high sodium content ingredients such as fish sauce in the cooking since it adds to high sodium intake. Instead, I can make the foods with smaller portions instead of a big one, that way it limits the use of sodium in the food. I would also take out salty snacks out of my diet since that also contributes to the high sodium intake as well.

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