Factors That Have Affected The Cost Of The New Royal Adelaide Hospital Essay

Factors That Have Affected The Cost Of The New Royal Adelaide Hospital Essay

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My Research Project question is, “Factors that have affected the cost of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.” which was inspired by my interest of future career in engineering. The New Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) that is due for completion in 2016 (Geraldine Chua, 2015) This research project sought to examine some of the factors that have contributed to this cost. The research was approached by conducting an interview with an expert in this area with lots of experience as well as by accessing a number of secondary sources including SA healthpatnership. Ultimately it was found that may varied and complex factors have contributed towards the cost. Owing to time, budgetary and resource constraints, this project explored the areas of key features and facilities. In the process of conducting the Research Project various capabilities have been developed such as Personal and Social Capability, Creative and Critical Capability and Literacy Capability. (149 words)


In order to narrow my interests in construction management and design a suitable research question, various refining techniques such as lotus diagrams and mind maps were creatively used. Lotus Diagrams was helpful as it made my interest precise by having the background knowledge for this topic. For example, jobs of civil engineer in a construction project were listed on lotus diagram. As my interest was broad I Conducted extensive reading of online journals and articles to gain deeper understanding. The research process of literature review helped me refine my topic, think more deeply about the concepts from my broad idea of interest into a suitable research question.

The original research question was “Why is the New Royal Adelaide Hospital the most expensive h...

... middle of paper ...

...rched from a multiplicity of sources. For example, information from ABC article contained information about soil contamination and had statistics included. This bought up a concern of reliability of information, so other secondary sources such as SA healthpatnership source was researched which is mainly orientated website to the nRAH project. Conducting an interview of an expert containing huge amounts of experience who was not involved in the project, deepen my understanding rather than secondary search about influencing factors that affect the cost of a project constructed at a large scale. Combining information gathered from primary and secondary resources skill was developed in the research process as information was creatively combined in outcome process which include information about influential major factor and sub-factors affecting the cost of construction.

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