Factors That Determine Pre-Natal Health Essay

Factors That Determine Pre-Natal Health Essay

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It is a mutual decision between a man and a woman that determines the health of the unborn child. Pregnancy is often an exciting time for expectant parents. More importantly, the expectant mother should take her condition seriously. The development and health of the fetus is ultimately the responsibility of the mother. In the following essay, I will examine the impact that nutrition, use of alcohol/drugs and physical activity may have on the development of the unborn baby.
Nutrition is important for the well being of the mother and the child. The effects that are involved with poor nutrition can be crucial to the outcome of the baby’s birth. Malnutrition may be caused by the mother’s diet or vitamin deficiency. Lack of supplements your body require, can have detrimental effects on the baby. An example of this would be calcium intake during pregnancy. Calcium is important for strong bones and teeth. A calcium deficiency could affect the child’s weight or size. There is also a higher risk of miscarriages, stillborns and diseases. Children born to malnourished mothers have an increases chance of develop a proper outcome for the baby. Malnourished mother, who give birth prematurely, can cause deficiencies for the baby, which could last a lifetime. In underdeveloped countries, the children born to malnourished mothers often have birth defects or die. Research indicates that, “fetus malnutrition cases occur in low-income families” (Zenkind, and Ramsey, 1981). Many families struggle to put food on the table. It must therefore be a priority for expectant parent, especially mothers, which she eats in the best interests of her unborn child.
The use of smoking while pregnant causes many effects to the unborn child. Each time a mother smoke...

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...couraged not to remain in a lazy state during their pregnancy if they can help it. The benefits of being active during pregnancy are rewarding.
In conclusion, pregnancy is an important and exciting time for prospective parents. For the duration of the pregnancy it is the responsibility of the mother to live a healthy lifestyle in the best interests of her baby. There are no guarantees that a child will be 100% healthy if the mother maintains good nutrition, does not use alcohol or drugs and is physically active. If the mother takes good care of herself during pregnancy, there is a greater chance that the baby will have a healthier start in life.

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