Factors that Causes Obesity Epidemic Essays

Factors that Causes Obesity Epidemic Essays

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Obesity is a highly flexible disease, it can be found in all parts of the world and in all types of living environments. Obesity has many causes ranging from eating habits, food preparation, unhealthy physical lifestyles, transportation and more. Culture plays a huge role in the epidemic since with every culture there are different shared and learned behaviors. Wealth cannot save you from genetically being cursed with obesity, if there are traces of obesity in your family history. Ethnicity, smoking, and the environment also have taken their part in this epidemic. The obesity epidemic is a result of the modernization of the United States, however, there are many more factors that play a big part in obesity.
Obesity in culture can be misleading, but culture has such a general definition that any kind of behavior can fall under its name. One way to look at culture's role in obesity is to define it first. In this case, culture can be defined as a learned behavior first, then shared to other members of a community and eventually creating a symbol out of this behavior. "Culture influences human interactions and expectations. Culture interacts with biology, and biological functioning is modified by cultural norms"(Craig 2010:46). Culture promotes social interaction in most cases, and most people eat during social gatherings. Culture creates traditions, which culture embodies. In many culture's it is rude not to serve food to your guests even if they refuse any offerings. The blame cannot just be put on culture for the obesity epidemic because that is simply not fair.
Culture is made by humans and as a result we most likely made obesity what it is today. We cannot ignore the effect culture has on our bodies. "Once a problem is as pre...

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...is the hardest to understand because people come from all parts of the world to visit America. Their ethnicity plays a role that comes from outside of America but by them coming to the U.S it becomes a part of the epidemic.

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