Essay on The Factors That Can Impact On Quality Of Life

Essay on The Factors That Can Impact On Quality Of Life

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Write a reflective account on your views about the factors that can impact on quality of life.

For this essay, I will be providing a reflective account on my personal views and experiences as well as views of from professionals regarding the factors that can impact on the quality of life. The different perspectives of the ideas of health, well-being and quality of life will be examined and a conclusion will be made of my views. Different theories, ideologies and opinions from experiences I have had with be explored in conjunction with different practices of health and social care. I will compare different theories of what affects the quality of life and use what I have learnt from the module materials to support any statements and conclusions made.
I currently work within a social work team for Dorset County Council and experience daily basis factors that can affect people’s quality of life. Help to provide services to help people to keep some independence and met the neds that they have may it be home help, access to community groups or Social workers need to balance between potential conflicting needs and rights of service users. They help to contribute towards people gaining well-being. From my experience, I believe the factors are wide ranging depending on the individual and quality means many different things. For me the needs to have a good quality of life include basic and higher needs that are relevant to you as an individual. Factors that could affect quality of life include basic needs, medical conditions, social exclusion or isolation. Increased personal awareness and levels of power and participation can work along side each other to create a better quality of life. the assessment made within our office now are base...

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...eds and the needs for a sense of subjective wellbeing as the main consideration is for a person’s well-being and what is important to them and their family which goes beyond Maslows theory. Quote pg 22
In conclusion, there are a varying number of needs and external factors that affect the quality of life as well as the fact that these needs can vary for everyone. Maslow’s theory in my opinion seems to be rather deficient and outdated, not giving any thought for the subjective needs and the needs of happiness. Bradshaw’s theory relates to the policies and practices seen in my office and focuses more on expressed and felt needs that we can help to provide to make a better quality of life for people. The theories mentioned are very conflicting but some value can be taken from all approaches and help towards people gaining what they believe to be a good quality of life.

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