Essay on The Factors That Are Most Influential

Essay on The Factors That Are Most Influential

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Humans are so different when learning that there are not enough names to describes all the ways of learning that exist, as each person has a different one. Learning is a process in which we get to know things about a subject that we do not have much knowledge about and we try to understand the concepts behind it. Each one of us has specific needs, factors or strategies that influence this process and helps it to be as productive as it can be. Personally I think that we all, by the time we get into college, know our specific needs, factors and strategies in which we tend to study and learn in a more productive way. In terms of needs I tend to prefer studying with someone as this helps me to share ideas and also be an auditory learner. The factors that are most influential to me are the location in which I study and the context that the location carries. A strategy that I use to learn in a more productive way is to get someone which I feel I will be productive with and then try to use active listening and reading whenever those have to be applied.

One thing that I used to consider myself as was a visual learner. This is because I used to memorize many things through images and pictures I took in my head of the pages and texts I had to memorize. I remember back in middle school and high school when those texts become bigger and the amount of studying got larger and larger, I always relayed on my capacity of visual learning and this helped me through those time. But during my last year of high school I had a friend who I studied most of my exams with. I found that I was more productive with him than by myself and I stopped seeing myself as just a visual learner, but also an auditory learner. This helped me throughout that last ...

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...rning. One of the goals would be to find the perfect location where I know I can go without getting distracted by anyone, and also without distracting anyone if I study with someone. Another goal would be to find the person whom I can study with as this would be really helpful as it would make my studying easier, quick, and productive. But although this can seem really easy this is not as finding the right person means that you have to have the same classes and just this is hard, but you would have to be similar learners to, which is even harder and this is why I have this as a need, but also as one of my goals. As it is something I have already experienced in the past but also something that I do not do now. In general, my strategies and goals are mostly based on college as it is the period which I am experiencing now and where I use most of my learning process for.

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