Essay about Factors That Affect Self Esteem

Essay about Factors That Affect Self Esteem

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Factors Affect Self-Esteem
Doaa Alsenani
ELI 072

Factors Affect Self-Esteem
Nowadays, people believe that they should have strong personality to manage their life. Therefore, it is necessary to have high self-esteem in order to help people getting better lives. Dr. Phillips stated that the definition of self-esteem in psychology is how people assess another person through looking to the values (n.d.). In fact, people may not notice that. Building high self- confidence can consider as the first step towards happiness and better life. There are two factors that affect the self-esteem of young adulthood and older adults in different ways, such as healthy life, and work life, while on the other hand, there is one similar factor, which is family life.
The first different factor between young adulthood and older adults is healthy life .In young adulthood, people want to have a good health life because in this stage of age most people care in their bodies. They try hard to protect their bodies from diseases, like obesity. Thus, they go to the gym and follow diet because they want a beautiful and healthy body. According to Hamilton, that will lead to promote self- confidence, because their bodies are free of disease. They will also have a strong body that makes them will be more independent instead of need to other person (2010). In contrast, some older adults suffer from declining health life because they have some diseases such as Alzheimer 's, blood pressure and diabetes. Having some disease can decline their self-esteem. As a result, in this age, they need somebody to help them in their life. Therefore, they will make them feel less important value.
The second different factor between young adulthood and older ad...

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...h would affect self-esteem positively or negatively in young adulthood and older age. In young adulthood has good health and energetic body, but older age has declining health. Also, young adults are able to depend themselves because they have a job however older people are retired. On the other hand, divorce and family affect their self-confidence. Therefore, this paper showed some points that could affect self-esteem, which is healthy, life work life, and social life.

Hamilton, A. (2010). Self-esteem Declines Sharply Among Older Adults While Middle-Aged Are Most Confident. Retrieved from

Dr. Phillips, S. How Your Self-Esteem Impacts Relationship. Retrieved

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