Essay on Factors That Affect Our Food Choices

Essay on Factors That Affect Our Food Choices

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Many factors influence how much we eat and our food choices. Numerous studies have shown that simple things such as variety, distractions, visual displays and thinking that a food is good for you, leads to increase consumption. The approach presented is to eliminate overeating, which is not the same as people who under eat. This study reviews literature associated with the factors that affect consumption. Consumption is directly related to ones health in several ways. First of all, the nutritional value of the food. Essential vitamins and minerals are found in foods to promote a healthy body. Secondly, when excess calories are consumed (over consumption) this leads to excess body fat which is the cause for numerous illnesses. Lastly, digestion issues are associated with over consumption. When an individual over consumes, their digestive enzymes are limited and slows down digestion. Over consumption not only has short-term discomfort but can compromise the health of a person long-term. Long-term effects include heartburn, nausea, shortness of breath and tiredness.
It has been concluded that the variety effect is a probable mediator in regulating food consumption. The variety of different foods eaten within one meal increases the amount of food consumed. This study was conducted using previous research. After evaluating all the results of the study, the conclusion was that variety is a potent factor in increasing food consumption. Of the numerous studies evaluated in the article it seems to have a basic survival concept that plays out. When food is available in abundance along with variety (harvest time and ripe crops), by nature humans consume more. This is to attain needed vitamins and minerals for ideal h...

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...esults obtained showed that people with a higher level of perceived self-control consumed less than those with a lower perceive level of self-control. Consumption is an issue that needs addressed and understood for optimal health. Over consumption leads to numerous health issues such as excess body fat and digestion issues. Education is the key to changing behaviors and by studying the basics of over consumption we may be able to offer insight into the issue. The convenience of food has shown to play a role in how much one eats. When food is made easy to obtain and consume, over consumption is increased. By placing an emphases on prevention rather than a cure, one can take control of their over consumption. People with a higher perceived level of self-control have been shown to not over consume even when presented with convenient food choices.

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