Factors That Affect Identity Formation Essay

Factors That Affect Identity Formation Essay

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Many young people find themselves asking questions about their identity, such as, “Who am I, really, deep inside?”; “How much does the way I act in public really reflect my private self”, and “Who are we humans, in the wider scheme of things, as sentient beings?” (Cote and Levine, 2016, p.4). However, it is hard for anybody to really know the exact answer to the above questions. Psychologists believe that many factors can affect identity formation such as genetics, socio-historical factors, culture and environment.
My identity has been shaped by many different factors such as genetics, family, culture, friends, personal interests, and my environment.They are all factors that have, and continue to, play a role in my identity formation. While some factors may have more of an influence than others, it is still a complex interaction between my genes and my environment.
As someone who grew up in Nigeria, my Nigerian culture and environment played a big role in shaping me into the young man I am today. A person’s family and culture can influence their sense of responsibility, ethics, morals, and many other aspects in life. In Nigeria, we believe in showing the utmost respect for our elders. Elders meaning parents and their peers, grandparents, older friends and teachers. This has factored into my identity formation because I was taught to never disrespect my elders and to alway come to an understanding regarding whatever judgement or decision they made, even if it I believed it was the wrong one. This aspect of my identity has been a huge influence on the way I relate to people older than me and those in position of authority. This is a part on how I present myself in world even though I live in the U.S.A now.
The environment has aff...

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... America, I see a kid acting out in front of their parents and sometimes use profound words towards them.

Personal interests are what truly set individuals apart. An individual is not a puppet on the string of their puppet-master, nor a chess piece on their master’s game board, but individuals are free to choose their own paths in life. They accomplish, or strive to accomplish goals they have set for themselves throughout their lifetime. Individuals are different from any other individual in the world because they live their own life rather than following a crowd of puppets. A person’s identity is defined by what shaped him or her in the first place, why they chose to be who they are, and what makes them different from everybody else in the world. I feel that I have developed my identity primarily from my own dreams, family, culture, and idols.

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