Essay about Factors That Affect Economic Status

Essay about Factors That Affect Economic Status

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There are many factors that can influence economic status however, regardless of demographics or how equal things may seem for races in the same class; blacks are at a heavy disadvantage. Institutional racism does indeed exist. As a result of this form of racism our black women, men and children cannot get the leverage to excel in education, accumulate wealth, and climb social and economic ladders. This paper explores the obstacles that put blacks at an automatic socioeconomic disadvantage from birth, and how this disadvantage then effects how the black family operates.
Black Families as a Whole
The idealized American family can be described as a two-parent, male and female married couple living with their biological children in a privately owned house supported by a high-income male partner and a stay-at-home mother. However, black families are stereotyped to be controlled by a strong woman as the dominant and head of the household. Despite the fact that many people have not grown up in the idealized family structure, the conception of families, regardless of the creativity of the family, and economic security are intertwined. Although the numbers are slim, some people have the opportunity to achieve economic security without having to take a paid employment (Collins, 2012).
The number of people growing up in households beyond stereotypes is rising and is labeled by families maintained by divorced and single mothers and fathers, same-sex couples, families where both parents work, and extended families. Families of color, though, have served as examples of what not to be. For example, some Americans believe that the reason behind African Americans placement in low social status is due to the fact that African...

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...h of a single, middle-aged Black woman is $5. This disparity affects not just the
women but their children and their educational opportunities (p. 13).
The struggle the black woman faces in society reflects her lifestyle at home. The hardships and the economic putdowns reflects how the black woman raises her children, and how the black woman treats her family. But being the center of the family, women are still expected to be strong and act as if the everyday struggle of being black does not affect her. They are not supposed to bring the struggles that they face in the real world home with them.
Black Children
Children are the most vulnerable and naive members of the black family; With that being said, everything that happens affects them the most and this then carries on to their adult lives. The education system is a prime example of an institution created to

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