Factors, Symptoms and Treatment of Alcoholism Essay

Factors, Symptoms and Treatment of Alcoholism Essay

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Alcoholism is a chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors. The disease is often progressive and fatal if left untreated. It is characterized by impaired control over alcohol use despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking.
There are critics who disagree with calling Alcoholism a disease despite the definition on the word disease which means an involuntary disability but the fact that alcoholism is a disease is widely accepted within the medical and scientific communities.
Alcoholism is a disease of the brain which acts as a depressant on the central nervous system which causes dependence and the need for higher quantities of alcohol to achieve intoxication. In a review in 2001, a compared diagnosis was made between drug dependencies vs. type II diabetes and asthma. They found that genetic heritability, personal choice, and environmental factors.

The risk of developing alcoholism depends on many factors, including genetics and the environment. Those with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to develop it themselves. Recent studies show that in both men and women alcoholism is 50- 60% genetically determined, leaving 40-50% for environmental influences so it is safe to say that people with family history of alcoholism cannot be introduced to alcohol even as a recreational past time because the likelihood that they would develop alcoholism is very strong. Scientists are researching a gene called the D2 dopamine receptor. This gene when inherited in a specific form might increase a person’s chance of developing alcoholism. Another genealogical factor is the altering of a chemical in the brain called the gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), which inhibits impulsiveness, and glutamat...

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... going back to their old ways of coping. As a family member, friend or love one of a person suffering from alcoholism you must continue to show patience and a firm loving hand of guidance to help them maintain their sobriety. Alcoholism is a disease that can infect and affect everyone around. It doesn’t care who you are it is a destructive and volatile disease. If you know someone or suspect someone to have this disease you have to help them Recognize they have a problem, Realize they need help and can’t beat this disease by themselves, Reach out for help and start the process of Rebuilding and Revitalizing their lives.

Life is a process of learning and becoming, there are many states we have to go through. Alcoholism chooses a state in life for you to remain in. this is a kind of death. Life is worth living and to live is to better understand life. Choose life!!

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