Factors of the American Rebellion Essay

Factors of the American Rebellion Essay

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After the French and Indian War, the relationship between the colonists and the British Parliament began to deteriorate. Many factors influenced the idea of patriotism and these factors eventually resulted in a rebellion by the colonists in 1775. The most important factor that eventually led to this rebellion was the Parliament taxing the colonists. The colonists were enraged by the fact that they were being taxed without being represented in the Parliament and were also furious of the fact that the taxes that were being enforced were not just. The 2nd most important factor that led to this rebellion was that they were being restricted of civil liberties. This was a result of the colonists not being able to follow the new laws promptly, which made the colonists begin to lose hope in their King. The 3rd factor was the British military measures. This really pushed the colonists to lose their respect for the king because the colonists and the British forces were not cooperating with each other and the British military at one point enforced Martial Law on the colonists. Finally, the 4th factor that resulted in this rebellion was how the colonists formed their own political and religious ideas that were very unpopular in Great Britain.
Parliamentary taxation was the most important factor that pushed the colonists to rebel. An example of this was the Stamp Act of 1765 established by Prime Minister Grenville. The French and Indian war caused Britain’s national debt to nearly double and in order to make up for the lost revenue, they passed the Stamp Act. What the Stamp Act imposed was that any person, regardless of their profession, was required to buy stamps for their documents. In other words, a tax was put on every document printed i...

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...rent religious ideas from the King; the colonists also had different political ideas that would eventually push the colonists to fight against Great Britain. John Locke’s, an influential English philosopher during the Enlightenment, ideas on liberty influenced the new political thinking behind the rebellion by implying that it was humanity’s natural right to overthrow their leader, if the leader betrays the rights of Englishmen, in this case taxation without representation.
All of these factors were crucial to the colonial rebellion against the King in 1775 because of how detrimental they were to the colonists. These factors overtime forced the colonists to reform their idea of who was in charge and pushed them to rebel. The acts that Britain attempted to enforce on the colonists were so fraudulent and unfair, that the unification of the colonists was inevitable.

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