Factors of Student Drop Outs Essay

Factors of Student Drop Outs Essay

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Throughout the years, America has been facing one of educations most major problem: Student Drop outs. “With more than 26% of students failing to graduate on time each year in the United States, we face a growing national crisis” (Choices 1). The percentage of student dropouts has decreased over time, but still seems to become a dilemma in the country. “The status dropout rate declined from 12 percent in 1990 to 7 percent in 2011” (U.S. Department of Education), but still seems to remain the same and is even increasing. There are many factors that play into a student’s decision of dropping out of school early. These factors include ethnic races, school factors and social/student factors.
“The national percentage of youth ages 15-24 who were status dropouts in 2000 was 10.9%. This translates into more than 3 million students. Disaggregated by race, the rates were White, 6.9%; Asian, 3.8%; African American, 13.1%; and Hispanic, 27.8%” (Blue 1). Ethnicity plays a major role in drop out decisions from students. Many of the minorities have a higher percentage of dropping out than whites. “The range of estimated minority dropout rates is particularly high, from 50% to 85%” (Jordan 2). The two largest minority groups that are affected by dropout rates are African Americans and Hispanics. “The most recent national data are the event dropout rates between October 1998 and October 1999 for students in grades 10-12. As shown below, 5% of all students dropped out of high school; out of these, nearly 8% of Hispanic students dropped out, and more than 6% of African American students dropped out, as compared to only 4% of white students” (Blue 1).
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...ve the attention needed from parents to attend school. If there is no support coming from the family, students will take upon the impression that school is of no importance. Also, students who go through a lot of hardship may feel that school does not help in their situations. “Students in socioeconomically distressed neighborhoods feel that school completion offers little either to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood or to provide mobility into a better one” (4). Many students have to start working to help support their families, deal with poverty, and also face health problems that will impede them to completing school. “Many students gave personal reasons for leaving school. A third (32 percent) said they had to get a job and make money; 26 percent said they became a parent; and 22 percent said they had to care for a family member” (Bridgeland iii).

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