Factors Of Natural Selection : Genetic Drift And Fertility Essays

Factors Of Natural Selection : Genetic Drift And Fertility Essays

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The main purpose of this lab was simply to study two factors of Natural Selection: Genetic Drift and Fertility. The first of these factors in the study was Genetic Drift. In this section of the lab, there was one main question to answer: What effect does population size has on random mechanisms? For this question, I hypothesized that if the population is smaller, then the random mechanisms will have a greater effect on the populations. I believed that this was because basic math principles would allude to the idea that any bad random mechanism to a small population would harm a greater percent than a larger population. With a greater portion of their population gone, then the amount of turtles reproducing would lessen significantly. Therefore, this would cause greater damage to their future repopulation. The second part of the study referred to was Fertility. This section had two major questions to answer. First, how should differences in fertility affect the survival and extinction of different populations? This time, I hypothesized that if a population has a higher fertility rate, then it will be less likely to become extinct. I believed this because if a population can reproduce at a rate higher than their death rate, then they will be able to keep up with or exceed any damages done to their population. I could back up this reasoning by using the idea that we are built to survive. Dawkin’s addresses this in chapters three and four of “The Selfish Gene.” He states that as generations continue to pop up, the strong survival genes continue to allow for species to adapt and evolve. Therefore, through his analysis, we can understand that having strength in numbers will help a population survive. Secondly, “If one popu...

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... like to note that it does affect the average amount of years it takes to become extinct. Overall, one of my hypothesis could not be proven by data, two were proven to be incorrect, and only one was proven to be correct.
Overall, most of my hypotheses were either proven to be false or could not be backed up by the data I received. However, I was able to prove one of my hypotheses to be true. This hypothesis was that a group that had a higher fertility rate were less likely to go instinct. Being able to see my theory in action was truly an interesting experience that taught me a lot. However, what I do believe to be the most fascinating part of this experiment is what I got wrong. The hypotheses that I made were simply ideas that made sense to me, but my having to rethink those ideas I was able to learn a lot more about the process of Natural Selection.

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