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The police in disadvantaged neighborhoods may rely on shortcuts that undermine their legitimacy and can have adverse consequences on the people living in the neighborhoods. This research is consistent with previous research on how structural factors of a community may affect crime (Bursik and Grasmick 1993). Residents who view police as illegitimate have been shown to engage in more violence since the police would not be responsive to their requests (Kubrin and Weitzer, 2003).
This has also been shown to decrease members of the marginalized groups cooperation with law enforcement and resolve conflicts within their own groups. Policy makers and those who have an effect on policies that control police must realize how the legitimacy of police can increase the overall violence of a community. Also consistent with Walker(1992) over policing may lead to poor police community relations. The hypothesis also goes along with the previous research that supports creating institutions such as recreational centers in reducing violent crime (Peterson and Colleagues, 2000). Holding police accountable for their actions is important when facing this dilemma.
Fairness in the law is an important element in getting the public to follow the law. Societies who are more willing to follow the law also see the law as moral and see the government as a whole as legitimate (Tyler, 1990). It is important that police have discretion, but they must use their discretion in a fair and legitimate way, if we expect the public to follow the rules. It was important to look at this on a macro level to analyze how communities as a whole were affected. Implications of this stud support the importance of maintaining procedural justice and formal institutions in the...

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...believe the victim Rape cases really involved witnesses and do not always involve physical evidence, so all comes down to the victim and here creditability.” This attorney also explains the importance of the credibility of the witness and the absence of witnesses in many cases.
Victim credibility takes into account many variables such as drug use, flirting, not resisting the suspect, consensual sex after the incident. It is important that prosecutors maintain a high conviction rate so they consider all possible variables that might affect the case. Some factors that did not matter wore promptness of the report, and physical resistance or suspect saying the assault was fabricated. These are surprising since physical resistance would seem to make the case more serious and promptness of report would make the victim more credible. The variables that did make prosecution

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