The Factors Influencing The Teaching Field Regardless Of The Environment

The Factors Influencing The Teaching Field Regardless Of The Environment

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This paper explores the factors involved in success in the teaching field regardless of the environment. The information is based on the interview of current teacher Jane Satrom and her experience with a variety of adversities as a long time educator such as attending professional learning community (PLC) and department planning period (DPP) meetings. Her responses to various questions are compared to written advice for success in the college textbook Peak Performance: Success in College and Beyond in order to verify which skills and strategies are necessary in order to succeed. Major themes discussed are self-control, motivation, time management, and goal setting as used to succeed in the classroom. There are varying perspectives in the definition of success and its application to the teaching field, however, the interview of a current teacher who has seen the changes in education standards and regulations for over two decades allows for a better understanding of the skills and strategies necessary to lead a successful career in education.
In order to properly advance and put forth their best effort, people must have the correct attitude towards what they are doing. A positive attitude is, after all, absolutely necessary to achieve success since it influences the outcome of a task more than any other factor (Jacobs 2016). Jane Satrom definitely fits the bill when it comes to having a positive attitude. During her first year as a teacher, Mrs. Satrom recounts having two students who tested her patience and good heart. The two African-American students “accused [her] of being racist” and were constantly going to any possible extent to “get [her] off topic so they [did not] have to work” (J. Satrom, personal communication, September...

... middle of paper ... focus on work during the school year which she admits takes a toll on her social life but her students are her number one priority so she does not worry about it too much and instead rejoices during the months of June and July when “[she comes] to life” (J. Satrom, personal communication, September 27, 2016).
Jane Satrom is the perfect representation of a successful person in the teaching field and truly a successful person period. She has managed to combine four very important skills and use them in her career of over 20 years. She uses her positive attitude, vast amount of self-control, impressive time-management skills, and selflessness to improve each year both as a person and as a teacher. Thanks to these attributes it is obvious that anyone looking to be successful in education should follow in Mrs. Satrom’s footsteps and aspire to be as great of an educator.

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