Factors Influencing The Teacher And How The Students Learn Essay example

Factors Influencing The Teacher And How The Students Learn Essay example

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Contextual factors play an important role in how the teacher teach and how the students learn. These factors that impact the students could come from the environment, classroom, or the students themselves.
Blackville, South Carolina, a small rural town located in Barnwell County. In 2013, according to city-data.com website, there were approximately 2,347 people who lived ten miles from Barnwell, South Carolina. The demographics of Blackville are 77.5% African American, 17.6% Caucasion, 3.4% Hispanic, 1.3% American Indian, and 0.14% Asian. Approximately 48.9% of the 2,347 population represents males and 51.1% are females. The median household income in 2013 was $29,566 -- up from $21,316 in the year 2000). There are three schools in Barnwell School District 19. Barnwell 19 is considered one of the smallest public school district in the state of South Carolina with 852 students (State Avg. 4,437 students). The focus of this paper is on Blackville-Junior High School.
Contextual factors that impact the community is the location of the school and resources of the district. Blackville-Hilda Junior High is a small rural school that has a few, small local businesses. In this district, most families can not or choose not to buy the necessary materials needed for their child to attend school. The school funds are supported largely by the monies that is provided by the state. Any additional monies come from grants that the district gets from the federal government. Through the grants that the district has obtained, the school has been blessed in the area of technology. Access to technology in a low-income based area, allows children to travel to other places and learn other areas through the internet. With the upkeep of ...

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...before I can teach my students to add or subtract polynomials, they must have basic understanding of how to combine like terms. During my direct instruction, I must make sure that the students understand the rules and routines that I have already established when it comes to peer to peer tutoring, cooperative learning groups, or even things as simple as sharpening their pencils or asking questions. If I do not establish a clear understanding of my expectations, then a good learning situation could turn bad. Though I am working with an honors group, information will be given in different forms to address the visual learner, auditory learner, as well as the kinesthetic learner. The way the students learn would also play a role in how I make my assessments. All of this must be taken into consideration before developing my learning goals as well as my assessments.

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