Factors Influencing Employee Service Performance And Outcomes Essay

Factors Influencing Employee Service Performance And Outcomes Essay

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has received much attention since its first publishing in 1986 from various respected academics who have applied the theory in order to better understand competitiveness and customer care (Gopalakrishnan, 2006; Elliff, 2004). Chan et al. (2005) emphasizes that companies who adopt and embrace the kaizen model improve efficiency and withstand increased competition in the market leading to higher customer satisfaction.
This theory also relates highly to research done by Liao and Chuang (2004) on factors influencing employee service performance and outcomes. After looking into the various factors that can have affects on service quality they conclude that improved team atmosphere and employee satisfaction leads to improved levels of customer service. A limitation to the kaizen theory is that the implication of these strategies can vary depending on the size of the firm. Although these strategies are versatile, implementing employee satisfaction strategies comes with much more complexity in larger firms that have higher numbers of employees and wider employee diversity. That being said, for micro firms with an employee population of fewer than 10, implementing employee satisfaction improvement strategies should come with greater ease. This would be due to higher levels of communication and the ability to monitor employees closely whilst receiving constant employee feedback.

Contact employees and front line workers
Depending on which aspect of service quality is being measured and in which industry, the definition of service quality is diverse. Many researchers have paid closer attention to the contact person and the front line employees. The contact person will usually be the employee who offers direct service to the customer, whet...

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... is defined by the aspirations and intentions of the entrepreneur. However a divergence in the TQS and Cliffs’s (1998) entrepreneurial aspiration theory arises with regards to the size of the business. For smaller business’s implementing a strict top down strategy would not be unnecessary due to the limited number of employees and departments. This comes as a result of the inability to create a structural hierarchy due to the limited number of employees. Additionally, this should facilitate increased input from all members of the business regarding ideas and strategy, as many of the employees will likely have a variety of skills. Conversely, for larger businesses a hierarchy is much more likely to take shape, especially if the business has multiple subsidiaries. This will allow greater control and monitoring in order to implement TQS strategies throughout the company.

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